The Rocket Canyon will be accessible on all platforms

22. června 2018 v 4:02 | lolgavip
The Rocket Canyon will be accessible on all platforms and a lot of Rocket League Keys of its rewards will be redeemed.In addition,it will be accessible to acutely see ceremony aspect independent in the Rocket Canyon Exceptional afore eventually authoritative the acquisition.

Through a column on the official blog of the game,Psyonix illustrated the characteristics of the new arrangement of fixed-term rewards of Rocket League that will admission during the summer: the Rocket Canyon .

The Rocket Canyon will be accessible in chargeless or Exceptional adaptation for 10 in-game keys or 9.99 dollars.Just as in the case of the Fortnite Action Canyon ,accumulating acquaintance and leveling up the players will alleviate a alternation of corrective items.The exceptional adaptation will cover added levels alleged "Pro Tiers" which will agreement added artful rewards.

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