As declared on the Rocket League blog post

19. června 2018 v 4:22 | lolgavip
As declared on the Rocket League blog post, Rocket League will affection a "new Crate of Rocket League Keys the aloft name that can be acquired as a bead afterwards some Online Matches, via alleviate with 'Flowers' that you earn, or as a absolute acquirement through the Rocket League client." This would be agnate to affairs keys or exceptional DLC battle-cars, so the simple aces advantage is there for those who are absorbed in demography it.

With an accident like this, it'll be a absolute befalling to actualization off why your car is the best battle-car of all time, so be abiding not to absence out on the event.Alongside the new Bounce Agitation Crate are 10 new items that can be purchased with those aloft aloft 'Flowers.' Be abiding not to absence them out!

Psyonix aswell explained if the accident would be starting and if it would be ending.Check out these times beneath and see if you'll be able to yield part.

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