Psyonix has added a abiding beck of new cars

29. ledna 2018 v 2:23 | lolgavip
"Why would we wish to yield this huge association that we've already built, that's still growing, and say, 'What you're amphitheatre now is traveling to Rocket League Trading be extraneous in 12 months,'" says Dunham. "Our ambition was to accumulate authoritative Rocket League bigger and bigger so that we don't lose any of the humans that wish to play."

Dunham continues to advance avant-garde updates and new appearance will accumulate Rocket League alpha in the months and years to come.Since Rocket League's barrage about two years ago, Psyonix has added a abiding beck of new cars, cosmetics, and bold modes.

Those modes ambit from simple alterations to Rocket League Items the acreage shape, to alteration the brawl into a hockey puck, to giving anybody cool power-up abilities. But on March 22, Rocket League will be accepting a chargeless amend with a new admission alleged Dropshot that's not alone its a lot of adroit bold admission to date, but aswell its best.

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