A aggregate of little improvements are advancing to the bold

19. ledna 2018 v 2:16 | lolgavip
A aggregate of little improvements are advancing to Rocket League Keys the bold including cellophane Goalposts which accomplish it abundant easier for ambition keepers to accumulate an eye on the brawl in-play. There'll aswell be LAN abutment for PC players.

A new "Events" arrangement is aswell advancing into play which introduces limited-time contest which let players acquire added customisation options. They're aswell introducing a new account alleged "Dectyptor" which allows players to accessible those coveted crates afterwards the allegation to buy a key.

Later in the year a new Affair Arrangement will be alien to PC players which they can analysis out, as able-bodied as a custom Tournaments approach breadth players can actualize their own tournaments axial the game.

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