The Fast and the Furious and Rocket League are

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Starting December 11 at 5pm PST (8pm EST, 2am CET on December 12), Frosty Fest is based on the aforementioned affectionate of in-game Accident Rocket League Crates you accomplished advanced with Haunted Hallows aback in October. As you'd expect, the Accident architecture is the aforementioned as Haunted Hallows, with 'Snowflakes' bill replacing the Bonbon Blah you acceptable with every completed Online Match. You can redeem Snowflakes to acquirement Accident items, Decryptors, or the cast new 'Frosty Fest' Accident Crate!

You can grab the 'Frosty Fest' Accident Crate three altered ways, including as a bead afterwards some Online Matches or via alleviate with the Snowflakes you earn. If you're searching for a added actual approach, you'll be able to acquirement the Crate anon through the Rocket League applicant like you would Keys or Exceptional DLC Battle-Cars.

Both The Fast and the Furious and Rocket League are, at their cores, about cars accomplishing antic things. Advanced of Fast 8's April 14 release, the backdrop are bond up for a cross-promotional move that makes absolute sense.

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