Rocket League will get a Halloween event from October

17. října 2017 v 3:39 | lolgavip
Rocket League will get a Halloween event from October 16th, which runs until November 6th. According to the website of the ball, the Haunted Hallows accident will add new crates and objects to Rocket League Items the game. Event-specific currency is also added, called Bonbon Corn, that you can earn aperture playing and completing online pots. With this Bonbon Corn you can then buy accident items.

With the first account - Decryptors, which you can only buy with Bonbon Corn - you can open each crate, giving you an item that you can not exchange.

The second account is the Haunted Hallows accident crate, which contains special accident items. These crates can be earned by online pots, but you can also buy them absolute (when you purchase Haunted Hallows crates absolutely, you do not need a key or decryptor to open them). These crates will not be modified for the next Halloween event, so it's not a good idea to wait until next year. In addition, there will be some loose items for sale with Bonbon Corn.

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