Rocket League rolls out digest Nintendo Changeabout

23. října 2017 v 3:25
Rocket League rolls out digest Nintendo Changeabout consoles during the 2017 ceremony season. This agency that players will access affluence of time to Rocket League Items action their accompany during the ceremony break. Apprehend a solid absolution date in the advancing months.

Rocket League is about two years old, and in ceremony of that, Psyonix is gearing up to absolution an Ceremony amend during the ceremony of the soccer-with-cars game's birthday-July 7.

Announced during the RLCS Apple Championship, the Ceremony amend adds a agglomeration of chargeless content, including a new arena, cars, and customizaton options. The new amphitheatre is alleged Champions Field, and it actualization a accustomed blueprint with a avant-garde look. It'll be accessible in Competitive, Casual, and Artful matches if it launches.

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