Psyonix is adequately acknowledging to their association

18. října 2017 v 3:45
Let's allocution about developer support. Psyonix is adequately acknowledging to their association on reddit and added agreeable media, and has offered some of Rocket League Items the best developer abutment I've accomplished in a connected time. Psyonix has aswell about angled their in-game agreeable aback release. Their aboriginal application was arise anon afterwards July 9th of 2015. Aback that day, Psyonix has arise 23 more, for a admirable complete of 24 patches. That comes out to about 2 patches every ages for a year.

To accord that bulk some perspective, CS:GO has had 45 patches in the endure year, which comes out to about 3.75 patches per month. This bulk may be ambiguous though, because abounding of those patches were baby bug fixes, and not agreeable updates. Rocket League has had affluence of bug fixes, but they aswell added new bold modes, cosmetics, cars, and added gameplay functionality.

Game addition/cosmetics: Like abounding accepted online games, including Alliance of Legends, Dota, or CSGO, Psyonix has arise melancholia patches for Rocket League. During the Holidays endure year, Psyonix arise their aboriginal custom gamemode Alleged "Snow Day," a hockey-influenced bold access that was accepted abundant for Psyonix to accompany it aback assuredly afterwards what was declared to be a bound run.

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