Haha - Clinton Dix tried to play the role of field

24. srpna 2017 v 4:05
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has proven his ability Madden Mobile Coins on the pitch, and now he wants to play a role in the field.
As a result of personal experience, prompted Clinton Dix to set up his own "Haha Heroes Foundation" this year to help children in low-income families in Green Bay.
Clinton Dix said in an interview: "I grew up in a low-income family, in my childhood I will not see the study very heavy, and I now hope that the same situation of the children do not face the situation I encountered. "
It is reported that the foundation's word "HERO" refers to "hope, education, resources, opportunities", the Foundation hopes to help children complete their studies, learn positive personal skills.
For the Clinton Dicks on the pitch, it has gradually become a professional bowl-level player, and at the same time last season to complete a career-high 5 steals, he hopes his field leadership effect can be brought to the field.

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